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1st Premium Cement Brand of North East India

Concrete Design and Construction Practices today are driven by strength. Normal cement is used in general purpose works. Modern developed countries and developed cities in India have started using high grade concrete, where specialized higher grade cement is needed.

With this endeavour we take pride in being the first company in North East to introduce the New Age Cement "SURYA CONCRETEC". This unique product can be used for any critical application that requires the maximum level of strength and durability.

Surya Concretec

Major Benefits ofSurya Concretec

  • 1Dense Concrete:

    Surya Concretec is a premium quality specially engineered product manufactured following the DCM Technology. The product is enriched with "Hyper Active additives" resulting in formation of additional binding material (C-S-H Gel) which helps to increase the inter bonding between particles and a 'DENSE CONCRETE MATRIX' being formed. This completes the hydration process and eliminates all the possibilities of free time present in the resultant concrete. The additional C-S-H Gel fills all the pores which in turn improves the performance and durability of the Concrete.

  • 2Water Resistance:

    Durability of concrete is directly related to its permeability. DCM Technology based concrete reduces permeability, automatically resists any aggressive water and chemicals to penetrate the concrete that can cause damage. This increases the life of the concrete structure and makes it water resistant and leakage proof.

  • 3Power strength 63+

    Surya Concretec is a technically advanced product with a consistent 28 days comprehensive strength of the order of 63+ MPA when tested under standard BIS approved laboratories.

    Other Benefits:

  • 4High Early Strength

    The concrete gains higher early strength due to rapid setting.

  • 5Easy Workability:

    The concrete produced by Surya Concretec requires less water for mixing and same workability can be obtained even at a low water cement ratio.

  • 6Protection from Sulphur & Chloride:

    Surya Concretec produces almost impermeable Concrete which protects reinforcement from corrosion and increases durability of the concrete. So it is most suitable for Piling and Foundation jobs.

  • 7Enhanced Mechanical Properties:

    The increase in Modulus of Elasticity helps the Concrete to sustain Seismic loads effectively and this is an additional advantage in High Seismic Zone areas like North East India.

  • 8Longevity of Structure:

    A house is built for generations and the inherent properties of Surya Concretec enables not only a dense and water tight concrete, simultaneously it gives a 3D Protection to the house against harmful chemicals and pollutants and ultimately adds to the life of the structure and makes it weatherproof and long lasting for future generations.

  • 9Bag Quality:

    Highest quality of cement deserves the quality packaging. Surya Concretec cement, a pioneer in North East region, is packed in specially designed ad star bags that are moisture resistant and pilferage proof. This is the first Ad-star bag in North East.

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